Some porting from KIO::Jobs to KJobs

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Mon Jan 15 19:06:18 GMT 2007


Lol yes... "if nobody complains". BTW, you complained so I'm
committing it right now :P

Now seriously, I know (i was told sometime by kevin) that he was going
to port some things to KJobs*. Maybe right now only KIO::CopyJob and
similars are the ones that uses them. But I want to look forward on
the future.

Now I'm asking, is possible that sometime an app creates a job based
on KJob class ? What if it wants to use some signals slots and they
have to be propagated to the uiserver ? I think moving some signals
and slots that won't use special methods from KIO::Job, but KJobs* is
enough will be better and more abstract for the future, so if someone
wants to create an "own" job he/she only has to base it on KJob,
instead of KIO::Job.

That's only my point of view of course, I can revert my changes if
necessary, but I think is interesting what I have right now (and on
the future if we keep working a bit on this).

Rafael Fernández López.

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