Normalizing signals and slots

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Sun Jan 14 22:17:38 GMT 2007


I agree that a well written script or app (like Olivier's one) will be
better than human minds changing them, since we lead to errors. The
point here is that Matt said "optimization is the root of all evil",
well... there's no difference here, is not a gcc -O3, i mean the code
that we let without normalize will be normalized in run-time, is not
like an optimization that will change assembly code, and can cause
unknown problems.

And yes, maybe is only necessary on kdelibs. I just proposed this
because I have heard lots of times "kde is slow". Well for me it
isn't, but if we can improve that way with a "simple" effort, why
not?. From my point of view, normalized signals and slots are not
unreadable, but there's always the possibility as Olivier said
normalizing them on building time.

Rafael Fernández López.

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