Normalizing signals and slots

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sun Jan 14 22:06:59 GMT 2007

Le dimanche 14 janvier 2007 22:35, Thiago Macieira a écrit :
> jos poortvliet wrote:
> >Op zondag 14 januari 2007, schreef Matt Rogers:
> >> I disagree. Normalizing signals and slots doesn't make that much of a
> >> real difference in terms of speed. We don't gain that much by doing it
> >> for more than kdelibs and parts of kdebase.
> >
> >now i'm of course not qualified to comment on this, but i wonder - how
> > much work is it? i mean, maybe it's not worth changing stuff for, but
> > it could be part of coding guidelines?
> Requiring programmers to normalise is not worth it. Sometimes, the code
> looks uneven or just plain ugly when compared to the rest of the code.
> But the most important aspect is that we're humans and sometimes we get
> it wrong.

Anyway, this is already a part of the guidelines, and IMO it should not.

> That's why running a script is probably better. If we do it once just
> before the KDE 4.0 release and then once per year, we should be mostly
> fine already.

or maybe just for released code,  but not the one in subversion.
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