Normalizing signals and slots

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Sat Jan 13 22:59:03 GMT 2007

On Saturday 13 January 2007 15:21, Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> What you think ?

i think it only really makes sense for kdelibs and parts of base (e.g. 

the performance penalty is real in terms of cpu cycles but in terms of wall 
clock time it's rather negligable. (i benchmarked this for a discussion on 
the kopete list a month or two ago) 

it does save allocations though, which is useful. 

there's obviously the risk of getting it wrong which is something you can only 
really debug at runtime. which is why, in combination with the limited real 
world effect, i don't think doing it for everything in kde makes much sense.

but libs should probably be as optimized as rationally possible. even if this 
gives us only a .5% improvement, find 10 things that have a similar impact 
and it's a 5% improvement which is starting to get into the "noticeable" 

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