kdeeduplot API review (was Re: Moving kdeeduplot to kdelibs)

Simon Hausmann hausmann at kde.org
Sat Jan 13 18:15:38 GMT 2007

On Saturday 13 January 2007 17:48, Jason Harris wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for reviewing the API.  I agree with most of your suggestions,
> but I wanted to make one clarification:
> > * virtual [left/right/top/bottom]Padding getters and setters (both
> > virtual)
> >
> > Most of the arguments from the previous point apply here. I suggest not
> > to make any of them virtual and of course make the getters const. Perhaps
> > it would be nice to also add 'contents' as suffix, so make it clearer
> > that these properties specify the padding between the content and the
> > axes.
> This is not padding between the axes and the content, it's padding
> between the edge of the widget and the axes.  Normally, these functions
> can be ignored because KPlotWidget will automatically compute these
> lengths based on what is to be shown along each axis.  For example, if
> the axis is showing both tick mark labels and an axis label, it needs
> more padding.  If it's just showing tick mark labels, it needs less
> padding, and if it's showing neither then it needs hardly any padding at
> all.
> The padding setters are only needed externally if the user wants to
> override the automatic settings.
> If the function names need to be clearer, I'd suggest
> [left|right|top|bottom]AxisPadding()

I agree, that's a much much nicer name :)

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