kdeeduplot API review (was Re: Moving kdeeduplot to kdelibs)

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Sat Jan 13 16:48:53 GMT 2007


Thanks for reviewing the API.  I agree with most of your suggestions, 
but I wanted to make one clarification:

> * virtual [left/right/top/bottom]Padding getters and setters (both virtual)
> Most of the arguments from the previous point apply here. I suggest not to
> make any of them virtual and of course make the getters const. Perhaps it
> would be nice to also add 'contents' as suffix, so make it clearer that these
> properties specify the padding between the content and the axes.

This is not padding between the axes and the content, it's padding 
between the edge of the widget and the axes.  Normally, these functions 
can be ignored because KPlotWidget will automatically compute these 
lengths based on what is to be shown along each axis.  For example, if 
the axis is showing both tick mark labels and an axis label, it needs 
more padding.  If it's just showing tick mark labels, it needs less 
padding, and if it's showing neither then it needs hardly any padding at 

The padding setters are only needed externally if the user wants to 
override the automatic settings.

If the function names need to be clearer, I'd suggest 


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