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Dear Core Developers,
This mail about konqueror was sent to kde-pim, while it should rather belong somewhere else... I'm not sure if kde-core-devel is the best place, but at least it's the place where the most kde core hackers hang out.

The mentioned article is definitely worth a read, probably even a dot / slashdot / linuxtoday article, since it compares konqueror with the windows explorer. Guess what the results are... The article sounds like comparing an absolute killer application with an absolute crap application.


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Subject: [Kde-pim] Comparison of Konqueror to Windows Explorer
Date: Sam Jän 13 2007
From: "Michael S. Mikowski" <z_mikowski at yahoo.com>
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Hello KDE Pim Team

A while back there was a discussion of creating a separate 
file manager from Konqueror, among other enhancements.  
Here is an article that covers many of the features 
discussed in that thread by a user in Japan:


A few features the author really liked:

* Easily viewing files accessed via multiple protocols 
along with the web.  
* The split window capability

IIRC, all of these were touched upon in the recent 
discussion here.  I agree with the authors views of what 
make Konqueror special.  Both of us are long time 
Konqueror users (I have been using it daily for over 8 
years).  We both seem prefer to avoid the dichotomy of 2 
applications to browse content.  And both seem to really 
appreciate the split window capability along with tabs 
(especially on larger displays).


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