kdeattic [Was: unlink(kedit);]

Bertjan Broeksema b.broeksema at home.nl
Tue Jan 9 16:56:32 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 09 January 2007 16:25, Jaison Lee wrote:
> > > It moved to extragear/utils, so it is not dead. I did not have time to
> > > check if the translations were moved. Also a KDE4 app in extragear
> > > which is KDE3 might not be the best place imho...
> >
> > Huh? kedit has no business in extragear - who maintains it?
> Bertjan Broeksema is the current maintainer, and has asked (in
> conversations off-list) for it to be moved to extragear (or anywhere).
> He plans on cleaning it up and making it available for use for people
> who wish to have a lightweight editor in KDE4.

That's correct. I didn't realy asked for the moved but that's what Benjamin 
told me when he "recruited" me.

> If extragear is not a good place because it is KDE3 based, then we
> should make a KDE4 extragear. With all the shuffling going on, I don't
> forsee kedit as being the only app to go this way.

I do not realy bother what place it will be. But i'd realy like to know if 
it's going to be moved again. I currently working on it, so i've local 



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