Request for additional method for the trolls

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Fri Jan 5 12:56:09 GMT 2007

Jacob R Rideout wrote:
>What is the best way to contact the trolls for a feature request in

qt-bugs at

>I've submitted bugs to their task tracker before, but KDE has a 
>special relationship and I'm unsure if we have different methods of

If it's an important feature that we can't do without for KDE, we have two 
points of contact in Trolltech that can help speed up the process. They 
are Simon Haussmann and Ben Meyer.

>If it is feasible, I like to add the inverse of the function below
>(which exists)
>QString QLocale::languageToString ( Language language )  [static]
>So, I'd like a method similar to:
>Language QLocale::stringToLanguage ( QString language )  [static]
>where 'language' is the name of the language as returned by the first
>function, not an iso code.
>So the following would be true:
>QLocale::stringToLanguage("Finnish") == QLocale::Finnish

Why do you need this? Any matching being made will be most surely very 
restricted. Why would you not have the enum in the first place?

If you have both at some point and you need to discard one, discard the 

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