Request for additional method for the trolls

Jacob R Rideout kde at
Fri Jan 5 12:38:06 GMT 2007

What is the best way to contact the trolls for a feature request in
Qt? I've submitted bugs to their task tracker before, but KDE has a
special relationship and I'm unsure if we have different methods of

If it is feasible, I like to add the inverse of the function below
(which exists)

QString QLocale::languageToString ( Language language )  [static]

So, I'd like a method similar to:

Language QLocale::stringToLanguage ( QString language )  [static]

where 'language' is the name of the language as returned by the first
function, not an iso code.

So the following would be true:

QLocale::stringToLanguage("Finnish") == QLocale::Finnish

Also, stringToLanguage is probably a bad name, since string isn't
nearly descriptive enough.



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