Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Thu Jan 4 08:13:33 GMT 2007

At Thursday 04 January 2007 00:36, you wrote:
> by "tag" i suppose you mean "branch" or whatever proper bit of svn's wierd 
> ontology for these things is. 

Not sure. As I understood branches should be used to work on another 'track' of the application. That's not the case. As there is no trunk version. IMHO the new maintainer should start by moving the app to playground (although I would like to make that easy somehow, as that might be a difficult step (think translations)). Anyhow a 'tag' seemed more appropiate...

> so ... we'd have sth like this, grouped by 
> stage of life the app is in:
> pre-release, in chronological order:
> 	trunk/playground
> 	trunk/review

That's pre-release or not up to standards for any other module (like Mailody, lacking a manual).

> releasable:
> 	trunk/KDE
> 	trunk/koffice
> 	trunk/extragear
> orphans:
> 	trunk/attic



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