Jaison Lee lee.jaison at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 22:59:26 GMT 2007

> so the agreement was that if katepart got proper bidi support that we'd get
> rid of kedit and instead recommend kwrite for those functions which kedit was
> previously used for.
> hamish and the rest of the kate team are aware of the issues and are committed
> to fixing them. so i'd like to remove kedit this week from trunk/ baring any
> stays of execution backed with a good reason. kedit is one of the few apps
> that uses api that i'd really like to get rid of in kapplication (related to
> temp file handling, which is provided by the k*file classes now) and if i can
> avoid spending time porting an app because it's going away that'd be great.
> so, to repeat: kedit will be svn rm'd by end of week unless there are
> objections.

I object!

...to waiting that long to remove it.  :)

Back when Ben Meyer was looking to remove kedit someone named Bertjan
Broeksema wanted to take over maintainership, but after an inital
flurry of activity he  hasn't done much work since then.

Bertjan: do you still want this program or what? Were you planning on
bringing it up-to-date and dealing with the stuff on bugs.kde.org or
did you just plan on keeping it compileable? I won't deny kedit has
its usefulness but to be honest quite a lot of us around here would
just like to see it go away at this point.  :)

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