remove QtGui dependence of kdecore

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Wed Jan 3 19:55:31 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 6:30, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> - KDebug
>     has an operator with QWidget,  could be moved into kdeui, but in which
> include ?   probably better to remove it,  it just add the geometry

it also prints out the name and is a rather useful feature of KDebug. it would 
be nice to move this to a commonly included header in kdeui. or even create a 
kdebugui.h or similar in kdeui/kernel though i'm not sure what we'd add to it 
over time.

> - KStringHandler
>      use QFontMetrics in some functions which truncate strings to limit
> them to some size.
>     maybe theses function could be removed because QFontMetrics provide
> directly the feature since Qt 4.2

imho, split them out to a K3StringHandler class for ease of porting.

> - KConfigBase and KConfigSkeleton
>      Allow to store QColor, QFont and probably more. This is probably the
> more difficult to get ride of.  I have no idea what to do here.

this is indeed more problematic; we've moved to mostly using QVariant in the 
branch which brings the usage of QColor down to two instances in KConfig 
itself one of which is easily resolvable and one which is trickier.

in the latter case, using QVariant::convert(Type) might help but it would 
bring several problems with it:

 - it would use a different storage format than the one in kde3 (hex #RGB as 
opposed to decimal r,g,b,a)
 - it doesn't support a format that includes a value for alpha

so, this remains a problem. otherwise, there are no uses of QFont left in the 

but KConfigSkeleton remains an issue. the api may be able to be reworked 
around QVariant similarly to how KConfig has been. i just haven't looked at 
this part of the puzzle that is kconfig yet =)

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