proposed KAction/KActionCollection API changes

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Wed Jan 3 19:01:47 GMT 2007

Hi Thomas,

Le mercredi 3 janvier 2007 11:36, Thomas Zander a écrit :
> On Wednesday 03 January 2007 00:21, Ellis Whitehead wrote:
> > > 1) KAction and its subclasses get the same 3 (compatible)
> > > constructors... 2) Actions need to be explicitly added to the
> > > actioncollection...
> >
> > For a long list of actions, I still find the table-like actions lists
> > like in Olivier email *much much* easier to read than 3 or 4 lines of
> > code per action.  I personally wouldn't be want to lose the
> > possibility for these concise definitions.
> Based on working with people that try to focus on _their_ piece of the
> software I think you are looking from the perspective of someone that is
> too familiar with the different constructors.
As a user of kdelibs, I must say that I would prefer the "long constructor" 
version (maybe with named parameters as in some boost libs). In fact I dont 
remember the long constructor, nor the myriad of method calls: I program with 
the API docs and examples annd then the less I have to read, the better it 
Furthermore with plenty method calls, you have the risk to forget one of them, 
thus generating an action without shortcut and another one without icon...

Just my 2 user's €cent...


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