remove QtGui dependence of kdecore

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Jan 3 18:40:03 GMT 2007

Thiago Macieira schrieb:
> Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>>> Because ioslaves may still link to QtGui. They talk to the uiserver,
>>> the open password dialogs, they open SSL confirmation dialogs, etc.
>> Couldn't ui_server be replaced by a curses implementation on the console
>> ? If we had a kio_ui, maybe too ?
> Hmm... I think this was one of the original intentions in splitting 
> KIO::Job into KJob: to allow for a curses-based implementation if 
> necessary of the messages and user interactions.
> But I say this: do not over-complicate the code for a use-case that does 
> not exist. If someone can come up with a compelling use-case for 
> text-mode ioslaves (I don't mean GUI-less apps, I mean apps running with 
> completely outside a graphical display), we should investigate the 
> possibility.
> There's simply too much in kio that depends on user interaction, like the 
> SSL dialogs or even the rename dialogs. If we were to decouple all of 
> those into core/gui, the code could conceivably become too complex to be 
> maintained. And all for a use-case that I currently don't see.
> Remember: we're making a graphical desktop. The fact that our tools can be 
> used in non-graphical desktops is a plus, not the main goal.
>>> In order to talk to klauncher, we need to start it and we need D-Bus.
>>> First of all, D-Bus only autolaunches inside X. Second, we haven't yet
>>> determined how to start klauncher via D-Bus without starting the whole
>>> of KDE.
>> Sounds more like a not-yet-solved minor technical issue (says the one
>> who knows almost nothing about DBUS ;-)
> The solution in KDE 3 now is that if DCOP isn't running, we start the DCOP 
> server and kdeinit. In KDE 4, we could detect that klauncher isn't 
> running and start it manually.
> KDE applications don't start at all if D-Bus isn't available (running or 
> auto-startable).
On windows dbus uses autostart on demand and klauncher will be started 
by kdeinit if it is not running.
This can verified by running kate or katetest.


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