The future of Sonnet

Jacob R Rideout kde at
Tue Jan 2 19:07:43 GMT 2007

> What isn't there (and I bet there's a lot), including it in the Sonnet
> libraries will do.

Agreed, it looks like Qt 4.3 will expose some more data. We can use
Sonnet::UnicodeData for any data that Qt doesn't supply.

> And, as always, if you need something that is in the tables already but
> not visible, ask. Maybe TT will consider exposing the API.

I'll see if they are hiding any goodies. I was fairly active in giving
feedback when 4.2 was under development. But, I haven't been able to
keep up with the changes in 4.3.

Actually, I would like to see the source to the tool used to generate
qunicodetables.cpp. I've created a simple tool that does about the
same thing.


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