Making KCoreConfigSkeleton::useDefaults() virtual

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Dec 31 16:50:07 GMT 2007


I know 4 days to the release tagging, BiC changes have long been done
with and stuff. 

Unfortunately I just now looked again deeper into KDevelop's project
configuration stuff due to a bug in the cmake plugins usage of it.

What I found is that KCoreConfigSkeleton::useDefaults advertises itself
as being overrideable and should be overridden in subclasses if special
cases are needed an usrUseDefaults is not enough. This is the case for

Thus I'd like to make that function virtual ASAP. Its SC and no didn't find any code that subclasses and overrides
useDefaults currently so no code is affected by that change.

How are my chances?


You should go home.

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