Shipping a cursor theme with KDE

David Miller djmdave at
Wed Dec 26 16:55:05 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 26 December 2007 13:39:32 Riccardo Iaconelli wrote:
> Now, anyone has clues about what would the right dir in svn would be? 

I think the cursors need to be placed in the same folder as the oxygen icons, 
and add a dir called cursors to the oxygen_icon_dirs setting in 
CMakeLists.txt. this would install the files along wit the icons 
in /usr/share/icons and show up in kcmshell mouse.

If we want to have all the colours in your git repo, then we'd have to fill up 
kdebase/runtime/pics/ with oxygen-cursors-[colour] directories, and add them 
to cmakelists.

> and 
> how to install them correctly and use them as default?

dont know, sorry

> Bye,
> -Riccardo


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