Shipping a cursor theme with KDE

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at
Wed Dec 26 13:39:32 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 26 December 2007 11:05:39 Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> Il Wednesday 26 December 2007 02:04:12 Riccardo Iaconelli ha scritto:
> > Hello,
> > to enforce a consistent user experience in KDE 4, we, the Oxygen team,
> I hope you mean "ensure", since there are people who may want to mix and
> much to their taste icons, cursor, style and whatever. And I hope that's
> not a crime yet! ;)

Well, not force, just strenghten, in a default installation. ;-)
And ensure is a good term too. =)

> > would like to ship an Oxygen cursor theme along with KDE. This would be
> > the first time this happens, as far as I know, that we ship a cursor
> > theme with KDE. All the basic cursrors are done [1][2][3]. They should be
> > also be used as default, at least in a default KDE installation.
> >
> > A little disclaimer, they're being developed in git as me and dmiller,
> > the only ones working on it, feel much more confident with it, but we're
> > ready to move to SVN as soon as we're finished, or whenever needed. =)
> >
> > Is this feasible? What you think of that?
> Do you think they will be finished in time? Otherwise, there is always KDE
> 4.1.

Definitely, there are only a few missing, and the big work of designing the 
overall... design (sorry for the repetition ;-) ) of the basic elements is 
The few ones missing will be just modifications or little tweaks of the 
existing ones, usually this kind of work takes ~10 minutes/cursor. ;-)
The clock is the big one still undone, but there's already pointer+clock, just 
need to remove the pointer from it.

FYI, (I noticed I forgot to say that before) I would like to ship 4 packages: 
white (default), yellow, white big, yellow big.

Don't know about a lefthanded theme, some guys have asked me to provide it, 
they say it feels really unnatural to use these right-handed ones... dunno...

The big ones are an idea I had yesterday night, and I'm sure will help 
visually impaired people. They will be just like the normal ones, just 
exported at a bigger size (was thinking 48x48 instead of 24x24).

Yellow is for accessibility, talked with Olaf at akademy this year about that.

Now, anyone has clues about what would the right dir in svn would be? and how 
to install them correctly and use them as default?

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