Closing all bugs?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Dec 25 14:31:40 GMT 2007

Bram Schoenmakers wrote:
> Hi,
> As you may have read on my blog post [1] I suggest (after Tom's attempts) to 
> close all bugs, not wishes, in KDE Bugzilla with KDE4 approaching. This is 
> because of all the old cruft (KDE3 based bug reports), which is unlikely to 
> be cleaned up if we don't do it now.

Yes, we need to face the fact that we have too many bugs to deal with. 
We are never going to be able to properly triage all of the bugs that 
have accumulated.
> Besides our users I'd like to hear what our (core) developers think of this 
> idea and how we should do this. That's why I ask here at k-c-d.
> Would this be a good idea to do?

Yes, there needs to be some policy about closing stale bug reports.  If 
you don't then BugZilla fills up and the bug process breaks down because 
there is too much to sort through.

Ideally, this should be based on the date of the last comment posted to 
the bug.  If that comment was posted over X months ago, then send the 
reporter an email and tell him that the bug will be closed because it is 
old, and if the problem still exists in a newer version of KDE, please 
comment on the bug and state that.

I would suggest that KDE 3.5.x bugs not be closed.  Perhaps if we 
eliminate the stale bugs then we could work on the KDE-3.5 ones.

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