kdebug vs. non-debug builds

Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at kde.org
Fri Dec 21 22:03:12 GMT 2007


kdm is currently broken for non-debug builds (this became apparent after
the recent build system changes).

the reason is kdm doing this:

QDebug ds = kDebug();

and this utter magic in kdebug.h:

#if !defined(KDE_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT)
# define kDebug        KDebug(QtDebugMsg, __FILE__, __LINE__, # Q_FUNC_INFO)
# define kDebug        if (1); else kDebug

i sort of think kdm is doing something that can be expected to actually
work. so ...

this can be properly solved by inlining kDebugDevNull() to return a
fully inline KNoDebugStream like it was in kde3 and how QDebug does.

somebody wants to take care of this? :}

btw, the kd* functions are in a
#if 1 || defined(KDE3_SUPPORT)
- we want to change that before the release, right?

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