auto-hide feature in KTextEdit does not shown the mouse pointer again on mouse moves

David Faure faure at
Tue Dec 18 21:23:56 GMT 2007

On Thursday 09 August 2007, David Faure wrote:
> On Monday 06 August 2007, Nico Kruber wrote:
> > I noticed that once the mouse pointer is hidden within a KTextEdit it is not 
> > shown again by moving the mouse alone as it was described and should probably 
> > work.
> > I tried to look into this and figured that mouse events in a QTextEdit are 
> > handled by its viewport and send to the specific QTextEdit::mouseMoveEvent() 
> > etc. methods but not processed any further so installing an event filter on 
> > the KTextEdit does not get the mouse events. Installing it on its viewport 
> > does not help either because this one does not get key events so the cursor 
> > is not hidden by them.
> > I tried reimplementing the viewportEvent() method and call 
> > KCursor::autoHideEventFilter() manually from there but this method always 
> > complained about that an event filter was not applied yet ( there probably is 
> > already an event before the "KCursor::setAutoHideCursor( this, true, 
> > false );" in the constructors ).
> > 
> > My final fix was to install an event filter on the viewport and call it from 
> > there. I put the eventfilter() method into the KTextEdit class - probably not 
> > the right way you want it to be, but I don't know where else without creating 
> > a new class which kinda seems unnecessary for one method.
> > 
> > 
> > I hope this helps resolving this issue - there might be more classes which 
> > need that modification in order to get the auto-hide function working - and I 
> > also hope I got the right mailing list.
> From your patch, I would say the bug is in KCursor. It should handle scrollareas
> all by itself, without the need for such a change in the widget itself (e.g. KTextEdit).
> I didn't test the attached patch, but how about something like this?
> Or do you think that both the widget and the viewport need an event filter
> because some events are sent to one and some events are sent to the other?
> That's quite possible... But in that case, too, the fix has to be done inside KCursor[PrivateAutoHideEventFilter],
> not inside KTextEdit.

Fixed in KCursor now, see for details.

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