[PATCH] Dolphin column view behavior

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Sat Dec 15 23:39:02 GMT 2007


I have been using Dolphin column view for a while and got a bit frustrated
by its behavior being different from MacOS Finder. I guess Dolphin column
view is supposed to follow the Finder implementation (am I wrong?), so I
put together a little patch to address my issues.

First issue is the behavior when leaving column view.
In the Finder you can switch to the column view, navigate wherever you want
to go, and when you are in the wanted folder, switch to the icon view. The
icon view will open in the folder you just reached. In Dolphin, switching
from the column view to another automatically brings you back to the root
of the view. It seems to be done on purpose, according to a comment in
DolphinView::setMode(), but I don't understand the problem. Removing the
column view specific code brings the Finder behavior.

Second issue is the behavior in double-click mode.
When you are running KDE in double-click mode, I think it still makes sense
to open dirs in column view with a single click. Again, this follows the
Finder behavior.

Attached patch addresses the two issues. What do you think about it?

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