Closing all bugs?

Kuba Ober kuba at
Thu Dec 13 17:52:10 GMT 2007

On Monday 10 December 2007, Bram Schoenmakers wrote:
> Op maandag 10 december 2007, schreef Sune Vuorela:
> Hi,
> > dataloss bugs: don't close without verifying they are fixed
> > crashes: if apps are properly ported to kde4, how big is the chance that
> > the crash also have been ported? probably not too big => ping & close
> > other bugs: ping && close
> > wishes: ping && close (or maybe even keep open)
> As I said in my posting, I don't want to touch wishes since I leave those
> up to the maintainer to close them. I can't decide for an application
> maintainer if a wish is void or not (well, sometimes I can because some of
> them are just too stupid :) But still.
> > with ping && close I mean something like
> > "Hi there is a big chance that this issuehave beeen fixed with the
> > release of kde4, please go ahead and verify. If noone says anything, it
> > will be closed in X weeks" (X probably 8 or so)
> Which brings the burden of tracking 15000+ bugs by hand. That's something I
> want to prevent by closing all bugs at once and reopen those which are
> still valid.

Shouldn't the kde3 and kde4 bugs be treated essentially separately, such that 
kde3 bugs are not even looked at during kde4 development (save for wishlist 
items etc). Some kde3 wishlist bugs could be removed from kde3 and added to 
kde4. I don't know how it currently is or would be implemented, but
I can't imagine using the kde3 bug list directly for kde4 in any shape or 

Maybe even setting a duplicate bug reporting system for kde4 would be best, 
leaving the kde3 cruft alone. It can be possibly done using same 
infrastructure, just adding a "kde3" flag to current bugs, and not listing 
them unless some "kde3" option is checked by the bugzilla user (in which case 
kde4 bugs should be excluded).

Cheers, Kuba

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