Closing all bugs?

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Tue Dec 11 10:47:14 GMT 2007

On Monday 10 December 2007, Bram Schoenmakers wrote:

> to close all bugs, not wishes, in KDE Bugzilla with KDE4 approaching. This
> is because of all the old cruft (KDE3 based bug reports), which is unlikely
> to be cleaned up if we don't do it now.

So you`re saying that none of those bugs that were filed are still valid? You 
have more hope that KDE4 magically fixes all the bugs than anyone else?

What we need is a NEEDINFO state for the reporter so that the we can 
automatically ask the reporter to revalidate the state of the report, and 
then clean out bugreports. 

From my personal experience, and I suck at maintaining overview: 
Often bugs are reported as distro bugs against openSUSE, where I quickly find 
out that the same issue has been reported upstream months if not years ago. 

if you really don`t want to see KDE3 bugs, then thats fine. we can separate 
them by a version tag (e.g. this is KDE4 codebase). this is trivially to do. 
then you hide those KDE3 bugs, and close them in a year or two. It won`t make 
your users happy though. 


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