Closing all bugs?

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Tue Dec 11 10:55:40 GMT 2007

Op Tuesday 11 December 2007 08:07 schreef u:
> A better strategy is to look at which apps have the higherst bugcount (and 
> are released in 4.0) and start triaging them a bit more aggressively. Low 
> hanging fruit and all that.
> That is something you can do right now :)

Right, We need at least 50-100 bug triage people to triage the ones already filed and keep up to date with the new ones arriving. If you get those people we can do it your way! Which i very much prefer.

Bug triage can only work (motivation wise) when things get done with traiged bugs. I would love to have such a filter/triage system.

This request/idea is based on the fact that there are more users than developers. Asking the users to do a bit more work to help the developers is a very small price for them. When we inform them well and ensure them that when they reopen the bug they will be looked at, I really dont see the problem. A lot of hands make work easy. 

I could even argue it would be good for the community. This is case where we can interact with the users. There are a lot of people that want to help kde and do not know how. Them rechecking their bugs and reopening them with more info will satisfy them in their need to help (anyone still following my mind?).

Having a smaller bug database with valid bugreports is worth a lot. 


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