Closing all bugs?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Dec 10 22:55:52 GMT 2007

On 10.12.07 23:15:28, Bram Schoenmakers wrote:
> Hi,
> As you may have read on my blog post [1] I suggest (after Tom's attempts) to 
> close all bugs, not wishes, in KDE Bugzilla with KDE4 approaching. This is 
> because of all the old cruft (KDE3 based bug reports), which is unlikely to 
> be cleaned up if we don't do it now.
> Besides our users I'd like to hear what our (core) developers think of this 
> idea and how we should do this. That's why I ask here at k-c-d.
> Would this be a good idea to do?

If its decided to be done, please make sure that you exclude any
application that is not shipped with kde4.0, i.e. kdevelop, most things
from kdewebdev and maybe some other things that will be releasing with
kde4.1. Those apps still do KDE3 bugreporting/fixing.

My opinion on the matter is that it does make sense to do a "clean cut"
for KDE4.0. Of course KDE4 bugs shouldn't be closed during this.

Other opensource projects do similar things on a regular basis, for
example debian maintainers add a note to bugreports older than 1 year
(aproximately once per year), pinging the original author and asking to
check wether the bug has been fixed. If the author doesn't respond in
time (usually a 4 week timeframe) the bug is closed.

So if there's a possibility to send out a notification email 2-4 weeks
before closing all those bugreports to the reporter and all cc's I think
its perfectly fine to close them after the "deadline" without anybody
getting upset about his favourite bugreport being closed.


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