Closing all bugs?

Sune Vuorela nospam at
Mon Dec 10 22:41:44 GMT 2007

On 2007-12-10, Bram Schoenmakers <bramschoenmakers at> wrote:
> As you may have read on my blog post [1] I suggest (after Tom's attempts) t=
> o=20
> close all bugs, not wishes, in KDE Bugzilla with KDE4 approaching. This is=
> because of all the old cruft (KDE3 based bug reports), which is unlikely to=
> be cleaned up if we don't do it now.
> Besides our users I'd like to hear what our (core) developers think of this=
> idea and how we should do this. That's why I ask here at k-c-d.
> Would this be a good idea to do?

I think it should be different type of action for different type of
bugs - and somewhere in the middle of these

dataloss bugs: don't close without verifying they are fixed
crashes: if apps are properly ported to kde4, how big is the chance that
the crash also have been ported? probably not too big => ping & close
other bugs: ping && close
wishes: ping && close (or maybe even keep open)

with ping && close I mean something like
"Hi there is a big chance that this issuehave beeen fixed with the
release of kde4, please go ahead and verify. If noone says anything, it
will be closed in X weeks" (X probably 8 or so)

Different parts of debian have done it this way without too many
upset people.

Doing it semi-automatically sholud be quite possible.

(I am no core developer though ...)


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