[PATCH] Crash in KBookmarkManager

Tobias Koenig tokoe at kde.org
Wed Dec 5 13:16:47 GMT 2007


there was a bug report for okular that KBookmark(Manager) crashes
(actual it asserts) when you try to add a bookmark to an empty (invalid
xml) bookmark file. A similar report exists for konqueror as well.

The problem is that if KBookmarkManager parses the xml document and
doesn't find the document element, it just prints a warning and
continues. Unfortunately some other code (e.g. KBookmarkManager::root())
expects that there is always a document element... so the design is
somehow broken.

The attached patch fixes this issue by always creating a default
document element if none is found. That fixes the crash and seems to be
the logical way of doing it ;)

Ok for commit?


P.S.: I'll commit a slightly different patch, for better overview I
      didn't changed the indentation in the attached one.
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