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On Tuesday 04 December 2007, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 December 2007, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > John Tapsell wrote:
> > >Fredrick,
> > >  Can we install the phonon plugins in a standard path then?  It makes
> > >sense for them to be installed outside of the kde subdirectory if they
> > >are to be used for non-kde apps anyway.

This is a KDE plugin, not a Qt plugin. So I think it belongs where KDE goes. 
That currently the only way to get a working backend in Phonon requires the 
KDE platform plugin is ok, as Qt 4.3 does not ship with Phonon yet. So if you 
want a Qt-only app to use Phonon you need to configure it correctly to use 
KDE (i.e. setting the plugin path env var).

> > No.
> >
> > Install where the user told you to install: your prefix.
> >
> > If the user chose a different prefix -- one that Qt won't find by
> > default -- it's his job to set the configuration files and environment
> > variables properly.
> Mostly true, but KDE install macros sometimes install into KDE specific
> subdirectories of the prefix, e.g. share/apps/$appname instead of
> the "standalone" share/$appname
> So in the case of plugins it might not be possible yet for the user to
> specify a different path for Qt plugins and one for KDE plugins, if the
> developer uses the same CMAKE variable for both kind of plugins.

Qt plugins shipped with KDE need to be installed to 
${PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR}/plugins. Normally another directory follows for 

The Phonon KDE platfrom plugin is installed like this:
install(TARGETS kde DESTINATION ${PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR}/plugins/phonon_platform)

This path is automatically added to the Qt library paths by 
KApplication::init. So all KDE apps will have it.

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