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Thomas Zander zander at
Tue Dec 4 10:58:35 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 4. December 2007 05:48:05 John Tapsell wrote:
> Are we really that stable now?
> We caught a lot of flak over RC1.  I really do not want to see a
> repeat of that.  Are all the show stoppers now fixed?

Not to you personally, John, but I think the best reaction here is to all put 
our best efforts into making this release worthy of an RC1.  So people should 
aim at identifying showstoppers and fix those.

I'm *still* getting the strong impression a lot of people are not in release 
mode.  I know that after 2 years of altering APIs and generally doing fun 
technical stuff its very very hard to let go of that mode of thinking and 
start doing the boring stuff;  cleaning up and fixing stuff.

I always see a bugreport or even the flak you mention as a call to action, not 
as a complaint. :)
Thomas Zander
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