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Thomas Zander zander at
Thu Aug 30 10:06:37 BST 2007

On Wednesday 29 August 2007 19:41:13 Jason Kivlighn wrote:
> > Same for KNewStuff which so far only provides meaningless strings
> > such as "GPL".
> > The screenshots of liblicence however imply that it would make it
> > hard to select GPL, for example.
> That particular interface is tuned for content licenses (not source
> code licenses).  Do you have any recommendations on making it work for
> all types of licenses?  liblicense can list all available licenses, and
> when one is selected, liblicense can provide more information on that
> license.

I think its useful that liblicense has a broad range of licenses you can 
ask data on.  Thinks like request the license text and perhaps some 
categories (software / free / similar to CC lincense XYZ).

I don't have any use for the user *selecting* the license for a new work. 
So the current liblicense is just enough[1] for wanting to create a 
license-selection-wizard or something like that.

1) that said; I have not actually looked at liblicense, just at the things 
its suppost to be able to do ;)
Thomas Zander
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