liblicense [creative commons work]

Josef Spillner spillner at
Thu Aug 30 09:53:58 BST 2007

Hi Jason,

On Wednesday 29 August 2007 19:41:13 Jason Kivlighn wrote:
> That particular interface is tuned for content licenses (not source code
> licenses).  Do you have any recommendations on making it work for all
> types of licenses?  liblicense can list all available licenses, and when
> one is selected, liblicense can provide more information on that license.

Is there a good mapping of user-friendly allowed/prohibited checkboxes to 
other content licences such as GFDL? I think it's hard to find one, and 
therefore having an explicit listing would probably be needed. We already 
have the full texts of the licences available through kdelibs/licenses and 
even for the CC ones having a link to the full conditions seems like a good 
idea. That's just an idea, I'm not an expert of how to convey licencing 
information to users.

A lot of people also use GPL for content, mostly for the sake of not having to 
care about licences (e.g. many game projects - textures, models, levels 


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