Function/Usability review request: how to configure inactive/disabled colors

Kenneth Wimer wimer at
Thu Aug 30 00:21:27 BST 2007


On Wednesday 29 August 2007 18:21:16 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> As boemann pointed out (attentive people will have seen the previous
> thread [1], also see relevant code changes made [2]), Oxygen requires
> Active and Inactive color palettes to be different. Since KDE4 is
> already trying to induce 'color choice overload', rather than allowing
> users to configure three separate palettes, I think it makes more sense
> to generate the other palettes from the base (Active) palette by making
> simple, but configurable changes to it, such as lightening/darkening,
> allowing the foreground elements to fade into the background, etc.
> To that end, I'm attaching a screenshot of the proposed GUI for
> configuring the secondary palette generation. There are two types of
> effects. "Global" effects are applied (first) to everything and are
> luma/chroma effects: darken (% closer to black), lighten (% closer to
> white), shade (adjust luma by absolute amount), and desaturate.
> Foreground/Decoration* effects are applied after global effects and are:
> fade (generic, linear blend) and tint (similar but tends to preserve
> luma; 'in' and 'out' switch if the foreground or background is most
> preserved).
> (* "decorations" are hover and focus effects; this is the API name but a
> better description for the config would be welcomed.)
> I'd like to get feedback on this. Does it look Usable/Accessible? Does
> it look like it will (be able to) produce satisfactory results?

Seems like an understandable interface. Whether or not it is really usable 
depends on the algorithms used and probably would simply need to be tested.

> Note: there is absolutely no API exposed by this, so I don't see why if
> we try it and hate it, (other than possibly annoying users) we can't
> throw the whole thing out and start over in KDE 4.1.
> [1]
> [2] svn revisions 705482, 705931, and 705938

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