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Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Mon Aug 27 16:35:52 BST 2007

Jaison Lee wrote:
>>> I don't see any reason to remove perfectly good preexisting sounds.
>>> The Oxygen ones are nice and I'm sure some people will enjoy them but
>>> others (such as myself) will like things as-is.
>> Ok and i gess the same goes to wallpapers, icons, and everything rest, makes
>> sence.
> No actually it doesn't. This conversation wasn't talking about those,
> but thank you for making it seem as though it was.

This particular conversation didn't *start out* that way, but this has 
been an ongoing issue recently (see for example "Which styles to keep?").

> I really don't understand why so many people feel the need to rm any
> file that existed in KDE3 simply because it was there. I continue to
> be extremely worried about the slow destruction of the KDE environment
> that I've enjoyed using for so long now.

The issue is that the KDE4 artists (i.e. pinheiro and davigno) want KDE4 
to have a fresh look by default. This is the way most DE's operate (and 
AFAIK, KDE has been doing it too), and IMO is good for marketing, 
especially if we are trying to attract new users for KDE4.

I think we should be consistent here; Oxygen by default, across the 
board, and old stuff in kdeartwork... if that. The alternative that was 
suggested - and I like this idea - is a new package e.g. 

At the *very least*, I think the old sounds should be in their own 
separate directory so it is obvious they are not oxygen sounds. (Of 
course, a proper sound scheme manager* would be helpful.)

(*i.e. "something most DE's have had for a decade or more")

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