LTR/RTL paths

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Sun Aug 26 19:54:28 BST 2007

> Really, what about txt.thefile?  I expect this to be quite problematic.
> E.g. does "myimage.gray.xcf.bz2"
> become "bz2.myimage.gray.xcf", "bz2.xcf.myimage.gray",
> or "bz2.xcf.gray.myimage"?  I would leave these alone.

Yup, is impossible to control that. I only mean about:


Is just a matter of presentation. We have to take in count that
someone that writes/reads from RTL will name their files:


instead of


So everything is consistent. The problem comes if somebody writing
from LTR sends by email a file to the person reading from RTL. Where
we could have:


Then as we see the system should decide in which part of the word the
extension is.

Rafael Fernández López.

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