Various problems/bugs with actions/toolbars in a KParts::MainWindow

Andreas Zehender az at
Sat Aug 25 17:30:14 BST 2007


there are various problems with actions and toolbars in kpovmodeler, 
which uses a KParts::MainWindow where I can't find solutions for, some 
may be bugs in action handling:

1) Saving toolbar position
I just switched to KMainWindow::setAutoSaveSettings( "MainWindow", true 
), now positions of toolbars are saved. However when I drag some 
toolbars to the left side and restart the application, allways one 
toolbar is floating instead of docked. mikmak reported in irc that he 
sees same behaviour in konqueror.

2) Toolbar configuration dialog:
In the configure toolbars dialog (from context menu of tool bars) the 
toolbars of the shell are displayed correctly. The toolbars of the part 
have no available actions and the current actions only show separators.

3) KToolbarLabelAction
I have two toolbar labels, both do not show. The code is:
m_pGlobalDetailLabelAction = new KToolBarLabelAction( i18n( "Global 
detail:" ) + QString( " " ), this );
actionCollection()->addAction( "global_detail_label", 
m_pGlobalDetailLabelAction );
I found same code in other applications.

4) Extra empty toolbar
I have actions for the main toolbar in shell and part. Both ui files 
<ToolBar name="mainToolBar">
The actions merge correctly in one toolbar, but there is an extra empty 
toolbar with no actions

Please check this, you can reproduce that in 
extragear/graphics/kpovmodeler, the main window is in pmshell.cpp, the 
part in pmpart.cpp. ui files are kpovmodelershell.rc and kpovmodelerui.rc

Btw: All icons are installed into crystalsvg instead of oxygen, how can 
I change that in the build system?


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