Naming of blitz ?

Mosfet daniel.duley at
Fri Aug 24 12:53:11 BST 2007

Yes, I think we can change the header and library to "qimageblitz" if that 
will solve the problem for you. 

I can also use a completely different name, but would hate to do that since 
people are already somewhat familiar with it. Looking at Blitz++ it doesn't 
look like it will create confusion among users since they are pretty 
different projects, but it may be better to take care of that now.

On Friday 24 August 2007 3:00:50 am Sune Vuorela wrote:
> Hi!
> I just discovered when looking into debian packaging of blitz that there
> is something else with almost the same name - and several files being
> the same.
> There is the libblitz pkgconfig file, there is the /usr/lib/
> and such.
> The numeric part of the SONAME differs currently, blitz++ is
> at .0, where kde blitz libblitz is a .4
> But blitz++ libblitz can do soname changes and such and quickly reach
> kde blitz.
> On sourceforge, blitz name is used by blitz++, where kde blitz has
> qimageblitz.
> I don't know if debian is the only distribution who ends up having this
> conflict, but I would not be surprised if other distributions was having
> file conflicts here as well.
> I would personally dislike to make a debian specific rename of blitz, so
> I am wondering wether kde in general sholud rename blitz to something
> else. qimageblitz seems to have been used by the author already
> elsewhere.
> /Sune

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