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Tue Aug 21 11:14:12 BST 2007

On 8/21/07, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at> wrote:
> > So seriously, I would suggest that if there is currently some smaller
> part
> > of the KDE SVN tree, and the people who work on that part are already
> more
> > familiar with git than most KDE people necessarily are, I suspect that
> the
> > best thing to do is to convert just that piece first, and have people
> > migrate in pieces. Because any SCM move is going to be a learning
> process
> i'll be really unimpressed if i have to maintain multiple source trees
> based
> on 'random' SCM migration, e.g. kdepim is git but kdegraphics is svn.
> right
> now we have a pretty high % of people who track the whole of KDE, and
> that's
> only going to get hurt with a spotty transition.

I agree. Maybe some meeting could be set up for some 'git masters' where
they could do the whole process properly and at once, at least for some big
parts of KDE. Experimentation with git in some more 'remote' parts of KDE is
a good idea, of course. (as is actually happening right now, don't you love
how this community just moves, even before they start to talk? It's a lot
like humans work, actually...)

a possibility is to travel "from the outside inwards", e.g. move extragear
> then the kde* app repos then libs/base/support?
> p.s. great to find someone who writes even more verbose emails than i do
> ;)

Yeah, it also leads to some great quotes... I love the
"Centralized _works_. It's just *inferior*."

I wish I would dare to quote him in my thesis, as it's actually very
relevant (I research innovation, and centralization isn't exactly good for
that.). Pity it's not scientificy enough for that.

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