clarification on git, central repositories and commit access lists

Johannes Sixt J.Sixt at
Mon Aug 20 12:21:51 BST 2007

Adam Treat wrote:
> > Don't think too long about that one; neither CVS nor SVN allow you to make
> > atomic commits either.
> Oh? Maybe you are talking about something else, but I mean one commit that touches many submodules.  Such as this:
> pick a recent one.

The commits in the individual sub-projects are not "globally" atomic, of
course, but you don't care; because in your *local* clones they are
atomic (assuming you don't do intervening unrelated commits). Once
you've completed these commits in the sub-projects, you make also a
commit in (your local clone of) the superproject. This finally gives you
the atomicity that you want.

-- Hannes

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