clarification on git, central repositories and commit access lists

Adam Treat treat at
Mon Aug 20 08:50:16 BST 2007

> Isn't there a git user ML?  I personally dislike people sending me emails 
> with generic questions. Maybe Linus does as well :)

Perhaps, but I'm sure Linus can speak for himself.  I don't think he is bashful ;)
> Don't think too long about that one; neither CVS nor SVN allow you to make 
> atomic commits either.

Oh? Maybe you are talking about something else, but I mean one commit that touches many submodules.  Such as this: pick a recent one.

> Anyway, to answer these questions you post requires *you* to work with 
> distributed SCMs to find your own answers, I doubt anyone outside KDE can 
> give an ideal scenario that just works for you.  In fact, I doubt there 

Yah, I've been working with git and the webkit project for a good bit now.  I think I understand how it works.  The clarifications I seek stem directly from Linus talk at Google.

> point of distributed SCMs.  It allows for a much more organic way of 
> working based with merging done based on what this module or sub module 
> needs.

Right, I don't see how this has much to do with what I was asking.



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