Which styles to keep?

Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen admin at leinir.dk
Thu Aug 16 23:29:49 BST 2007

Friday 17 August 2007 skrev Richard Dale:
> On Thursday 16 August 2007, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> > That I agree with. Just don't let a coder fix the usability problems,
> > though :-).
> Oh really, this attitude is crap.

  Maybe the language which needs applying here is to go from the constructive  
end (start from nothing and build) rather than the deconstructive way here 
(start with everything and subtract). The latter works fine in UnrealEd, but 
not so good here ;) So... Maybe we should in stead say: People who make 
usability decisions are people who have usability arguments?

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