Which styles to keep?

Jos Poortvliet jos at mijnkamer.nl
Thu Aug 16 22:01:10 BST 2007

Imho, the analogy's and the reactions on them are going a bit into the
direction of "let's fight". That's not to blame on anyone (just the nature
of email) but I just think it would be wise to follow Aaron here and end the

Or we just organize a cagefight for next aKademy. Then at least the other
dev's can enjoy it too :D

On 8/16/07, Lubos Lunak <l.lunak at suse.cz> wrote:
> On čt 16. srpna 2007, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> > On Aug 16, 2007, at 1:29 PM, Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> > > I propose to stop this discussion, and do what we always do: let
> > > those who code, decide.
> >
> > On a usabilitity/aesthetics question ? Are you mad ?
> >
> > On the contrary I'd advocate that anyone using KDE for development be
> > explicitly forbidden to have any say on the design and choice of
> > artwork (and usability, while I'm at it).
> Sorry, but this is nonsense. Not the last paragraph[*], but the one
> before.
> This is not about aesthetics or even usability, this is about more options
> in
> a config dialog that more or less only people caring about those more
> options
> are going to see. All those "average user" arguments are irrelevant, since
> that kind of users is not very likely to ever see that dialog, let alone
> try
> to switch the styles.
> [*] Well, actually, the last paragraph is rubbish too
> - funnily enough, it excludes even some artists, say, style developers
> - it doesn't take a great actor to recognize a bad one - I may not be able
> to
> design a single thing that'd look good and I definitely don't insist that
> I
> have any big decisive say on artwork, but I can still see that e.g. Oxygen
> in
> its current form (ok, ok, which is going to change according to this
> thread,
> but anyway) has pretty bad usability with its poorly visible widgets
> - I'd also doubt that just the ability to paint icons (or who's going to
> be
> the non-developers - doc writers, translators?) is an automatic guarantee
> that the person is good to judge usability or even aesthetics. In general
> probably yes, but just have a look at your favourite insane artist style
> to
> see what an artist may be capable of. We also don't ignore artists when
> they
> write bugreports.
> But none of that matters in this discussion. This discussion is about what
> choices should be in "kcmshell style". And I say that those go as far
> as "kcmshell style" go there to get a choice.
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