QPalette::ColorGroup and KColorScheme

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at cornell.edu
Tue Aug 14 16:53:27 BST 2007

> On Monday 13 August 2007 12:42, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> snip
>> More important is the SIC, which is that users really ought to say what
>> QPalette::ColorGroup they are using (oh, and Qt seems to have forgotten
>> about inactive+disabled). So I'm inclined to change the KColorScheme
>> ctor to require an enum to specify this (alternatively it can be
>> optional). Convenience ctors, e.g. taking a QPalette or even QWidget
>> (assuming I can get the correct result from them) can be considered.
> snip
> Umm, doesn't "Disabled" assume "Inactive", since a disabled widget should
> never be "Active"?

Inactive means that the top-level isn't in focus. It should never be
different from active, however, since it tends to cause bad flicker when
doing things like poping up dialogs...

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