Which styles to keep?

Luciano Montanaro mikelima at cirulla.net
Tue Aug 14 09:37:02 BST 2007

Il Monday 13 August 2007 21:19:28 Torsten Rahn ha scritto:
> I personally would like to support fredrik's and nuno's opinion.
> It makes no sense to discuss whether the styles and themes that were once
> designed for KDE3 could be technically ported to KDE 4. Keeping the look
> and feel of KDE3 styles makes as much sense from the point of view of an
> artist as keeping qt3-support classes in KDE4's release code.
> For artists who have put as much energy into KDE4's look and feel as the
> Oxygen Team I can already imagine the pain and embarrasment they would feel
> if they had to look at screenshots that combine Oxygen Art with some really
> outdated looking style theme.
> In my opinion except for the accessibility and maybe plastik style all of
> the previous styles should get removed and we should have a new fresh start
> with hopefully a lot of new modern looking styles that match the artwork
> quality of the rest of the KDE4 artwork.
> Don't get me wrong: I'm not opposed to diversity but the quality of the
> choice among options should at least match todays standards.

Sorry, but I disagree with all of the above. We have supported different 
styles for a long time, even ones very similar to Windows and CDE, and even 
Microsoft gives their users the option to use their old look.

As widget styles go, I still like B3 and Keramik more than Plastik and what is 
in the work at the moment. I think both have their use: on small screens I 
prefer B3, on larger ones I prefer Keramic, where the large border around 
buttons makes it easier to aim for the button.

Oxygen is still work in progress, an I hope there will be improvement to that, 
but I still think the buttons do not stand out enough from the background.

Also, I really like the checkboxes in Oxygen (they are finally big enough for 
my taste; do they scale with the system font? that's another thing I'd like 
to see) but the buttons are way too thin. So are color boxes -- their border 
is so wide that too little space is available for the color samples.

Oops! Sorry for the rant! :)

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