Which styles to keep?

Mathieu Chouinard mchouinard at mcrd.ath.cx
Mon Aug 13 19:57:22 BST 2007

On Monday 13 August 2007 12:47:03 pinheiro wrote:
> A Saturday 11 August 2007 20:50:16, Enrico Ros escreveu:
> > There's an amount of highly subjective emotional stuff (styles,
> > backgrounds, windecos, color schemes, themes, KDM themes) that will be in
> > KDE 4.
> >
> > What's in for The Release clearly will state everything about our
> > seriousness and our commitment towards breathtaking beauty and towards
> > the User. We're not obliged to put lots of half-ported half-crashing
> > (heart-breaking) stuff in 4.0, so why don't we choose a small set of
> > great defaults? There is plenty of room in 4.1 (where the added stuff
> > will be positively perceived as 'new').
> >
> > The Oxygen/Artwork team is driving a contest right now, to choose a Set
> > of Backgrounds for 4.0. Maybe the same should be done for the other 4-5
> > items. So, Mosfet, before porting it may be good to know the final list
> > of items for each category, because I agree with you that not everything
> > is worth the 4.0. Lists may be added and discussed on the TechBase.. or
> > maybe we can ask the artists?
> Well, i will give my personal opinion that might be preceved as flamy but i
> hope not, just an personal kinda artistical opinion.
> Apart from Plastic and maybe a bit .NET they all look like they came from
> another dacade and not the last one, this makes kde look bad IMO.
> keramic does not look from another decade but from another world :P (funy
> as i actualy liked it for about 2 months)
> btw what do you guys think about the current state of the oxygen theme, btw
> if any ones provides some magic so we can have perfect round corners on
> windows like this one
> http://www.nuno-icons.com/images/estilo/rect6430.png
> it will have my eternal gratitude...
Here my point of view about this: a) not everybody like those eye candy filled 
interface or style ... sure they make nice screenshot for promotion but can 
you work for 8 hours a day with those? b) not everybody have top of the line 
hardware and c) some of us like those previous decade style like the next 
step one or the QNX one because they are simple and sober and don't make your 
eye bleed after 4 hours of work


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