What to do about kColorBitmaps?

Mosfet daniel.duley at verizon.net
Tue Aug 14 02:30:03 BST 2007

<Matthew wrote>
There is currently one lonely, but not-so-infrequently-used function in 
kdrawutil (from kdefx, which is slowly being removed): kColorBitmaps. It 
would be nice if we could move this before the next beta (i.e. "next 
Monday"), but where is a good place to put it? New KGraphicsUtils? KStyle 
(not my first choice)? Somewhere else?

I believe this is used pretty frequently by styles - not just widget ones, 
(which will most likely be dumped),  but KWin styles as well, (which will 
probably live on). Personally, I'd move it to kdeui but it's your call. I 
don't think many newer styles will be colorizing bitmaps, tho...

<Matthew also wrote>
all that will soon be left of kdefx is KCPUInfo and kColorBitmaps

About KCPUInfo, Blitz has CPU detection based on it but that detects some more 
flags and Qt has it's own internal ones. We got a lot of these... ;-)

Another issue I mentioned before is if we need the dither routine from kdefx. 
This was used to dither to the KDE standard palette on 8bit/256 color 
displays. I don't know if we are still going to support this, I can't imagine 
Plasma on a 256 color display, but if we are that will have to be stuck 
somewhere and I need to modify Blitz to use it. 

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