Making kdefx static

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at
Mon Aug 6 15:30:15 BST 2007

> Maksim: Unmaintained codebase? In case you have forgotten I offered to
> update
> and maintain this stuff way back in 2004/2005.

I was referring to when Waldo added a whole bunch of functions from you to
KIE, when:
1) You weren't really involved anymore
2) There were no clients for them

Look, the only thing I really want is some sort of "I am back, and
reasonably expect to be back for a while" statement. That's all.
What I wouldn't like is if there was a bunch of cool code from you
in kdelibs with no one to call as its maintainer.

> I was turned down because we were supposed to have a new image
> effect library that isn't ready yet. Don't blame me for this! I offered
> *years ago* to maintain it. I am finding it rather frustrating that
> people are critical of Blitz because it wasn't developed openly in SVN,
> or because KImageEffect has been unmaintained for so long, when I
> offered to do that years ago and was turned down.

I am obviously not aware of any turning down other than Zack's grand plans,
which IMHO should not be a detriment to you --- should you get an SVN
account again, what you do with or for kdelibs will have as much of
significance as what Zack may do. Ultimately, what gets done matters...


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