Making kdefx static

Mosfet daniel.duley at
Sat Aug 4 01:38:53 BST 2007

<ismail wrote:>
 If you want Blitz in kdelibs you should get/reactivate your SVN account and 
maintain it there.

I think it would go in kdesupport, not libs. If the other developers are okay 
with that I guess that's alright. I want to work on Quasar as well and I'm 
not sure where Zack is planning on putting that, but that's probably going to 
be SVN too. 

Another option that really hasn't been discussed is I stick it on sourceforge 
or something and KDE packages that use it list it as an external dependency 
like any other one. Then when we move to Quasar people can just remove the 

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