[draft] Policy: resource files (was: kdelibs 3/4 conflicts, plan)

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sun Aug 5 12:46:08 BST 2007

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>personally, i'd prefer s,Highlander,Unique,g just because it's a bit
> more obvious and doesn't rely on a cultural reference =)

Dammit! I was sure someone would object to the highlander thing :-)

I added just to be funny in this draft version. Something serious 
shouldn't have it.

>the difference between shared and specific configurations: is it
> reasonable to expect this to work reliably? it would require app
> developers ensuring a level of compatibility between $TRUNK_VERSION and
> $OLD_STABLE_VERSION in the shared config, which i'm not sure is
> realistic.
>what are the use cases for shared config between a kde3 and a kde4 app?
> and would this require kde4 apps to then carry around 2 KConfig
> objects, remembering which to read from?

The use-case is for simple configurations. I can think, for instance, of 
kio_ftprc: it contains basically one configuration in KDE 3, the remote 
encoding. In KDE 4, even though we have (will?) change the default, it's 
still the same config.

Yeah, it's dangerous to save to the same file and make sure we're not 
saving something the old version can't read. So I agree it should be the 
rule to use kde4-specific names and we'd have exceptions for those few 
cases where it makes sense.

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